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I would like to know what others think of the neighborhood restriction of trampolines. When we briefly discussed ''declarations and restrictions'' with the sales agent before buying, he specifically mentioned trampolines. I must admit at the time I thought it was a bit of an odd example and maybe little extreme.
Since then however, I can't help but notice one or two prominent ones around Windsor Hills.
Are they violations or exceptions?
Will these be permanent fixtures from spring thru fall?
Do you think they are unsightly or natural displays of a healthy and active neighborhood?

We personally feel that they are unsightly. At the time we moved in (just over a year ago), there was only one trampoline visible from our yard. We were assured by the sales agent that trampolines were in violation of the restrictions. Since then, we have noticed many others go up around the neighborhood - and they are left up all year long. While others may disagree and feel that the restriction might be too extreme, I believe the original purpose was to keep the neighborhood looking well-kept and therefore keeping our property values up. If current restrictions aren't enforced, then at what point do we draw the line on enforcing other restrictions (i.e., storage sheds, large playhouses/structures, etc.)?
Trampolines in neighborhood

We wish residents would read the restrictions that we were ALL required to sign upon purchasing a new home in Windsor Hills. It specifically states that trampolines are against the covenants. We also wish that the ''homes association''/developer would take control of this growing problem by addressing it with the home owners that are blatantly violating the restrictions!

I have no problem with trampolines. I don't think they are anymore of an eye-sore that a swingset. I believe that the homeowner is required to have a fence for safety reasons. I think that if we do deside to enforce the trampoline issue we must enforce restrictions on all other structures as well.
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