Bag Your Trash / Not Your Recycables

Posted in: Madison Park

Your Trash should be bagged curbside before going in trash can!


BAG NOTHING in your recycling cart! 

  Reason it is NEVER opened if you bag it.   The bag goes straight to the trash truck.   Even a bag of all cans or plastic bottles goes to the landfill.    

Over 2 Million dollars a year is spent hauling the trash from the MRF to the Speedway Landfill.   That is all items placed in green carts incorrectly.   Only six items goes in your green recycling carts!  

That 2 Milliion does not include cost due to injury to staff, and damaged to equipment that sorts.  If you bag acceptable recycling items in your house simply dumped the bag into the green cart, and toss the plastic bag into your trash can.  Don't place it in the green cart!  No plastics other than bottles and jugs with necks  goes in the recycling cart.  All other plastics go into your trash can.  

Bag yard waste in personal plastic cans, totes, or paper bags.   NO PLASTIC BAGS! 

You can also place small individual piles curb side of limbs on the ground.    If you don't have very much for pick up there is a very good chance the crews will miss the pile.  It is Best to put that waste in bags, totes, or your own plastic cans. 


Do not place yard waste on tarps.   Crews are not allowed to pick it up.  



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