Midpoint Meadows Development

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Hi neighbors!  Check out the plans for 2028 development in our neighborhood including an expansion of Elver Park across the street.  You can sign up to join an upcoming neighborhood meeting about the implementation plans on Tuesday, March 12th at this link: cityofmadison.com/meetingmarch12midpoint.  Personally, I am interested for a dog park across the street!  Hope to see some of y'all there. Smile

Midpoint Meadows Development Plan

If you want to follow along the process, here's a link to the Planning Commission entry for this proposal. It includes links to all relevant documents including the Planning Commission response to the original Veridian proposal - the project ID# is 81268:




Last month's zoom with representatives from Veridian, City of Madison, and Dane County was informative. You should have received a card about the followup Planning Comission and Common Council meetings in May. I assume these meetings are to vote on Veridian's adjusted proposal (following the 100+ item "things that must be done before final approval" response the Planning Comission sent to Veridian).

More information on Planning Commision responses to Verdian follow up submission. Note especially the Attachments that give us access to the documents with changes, etc. Veridian has modified the plat proposals to accommodate required changes, espcially related to the alley driveways that opened onto Mid Town Road that would have required one-way access (the alley now parallels Mid Town Road).


Rev Prelim Plat - Midpoint Meadows, Mid Town & Marty Rds - https://madison.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=6608210&GUID=5630378B-652F-457A-B85E-DEE6C2276AFD&Options=ID%7CText%7C&Search=midpoint


FInal Plat - Midpoint Meadows - https://madison.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=6609319&GUID=76DE2233-F23E-404A-8DED-5BA7D7BB874C&Options=ID%7CText%7C&Search=midpoint

There may be a matter of concern for us on the final plat proposal that seems a bit a vareyance from the information provided on the community zoom. The final plat proposal, already accepted, shows an Out Lot 5 (O.L.5.) on the proposal (cp. this document: https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=12816973&GUID=00A49EA9-D69A-4823-8E3D-0468CD8F3BCC). This OL5 is shown labeled as "Reserved for Futured Development." 


It was my understanding from the community zoom meeting that the City of Madison would purchase this O.L.5. (shown as O.L.12 on the original proposal; this final proposal removes the land north of Mid Town Road from the documents, I'm assuming because it is slated to become part of  Elver Park). Yet, here it is still shown as "future development." That concerns me. If it's unclear from the survey documents, this is the field that is immediately WEST of our property, currently a corn field. A City representative said (IIRC) that the City would buy this land for Regional Stormwater Management. 

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