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Help keep the air in your community clean this winter!

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The city council recently passed clean air legislation mandating all heating oil used in NYC contains low emission biodiesel by 10/2012 to help reduce high levels of Asthma and lung disease in our communities. You can help in this effort by choosing to start using bioheat in your building instead of regular #2 heating oil, or upgrading your #4 or #6 boiler to a #2 boiler so that you can switch to the cheapest and cleanest heating fuel in the city. It's a much easier and cheaper alternative than switching to gas and has lower emissions than gas (gas is equal to a 10% biodiesel blend), bioheat B20 (20% biodiesel/ 80%low sulfur #2) works in any #2 boiler with no modification, and the State of New York offers a $.20/ gallon tax credit to individuals and companies that purchase bioheat B20 heating oil instead of regular petroleum #2 to heat their buildings. The biodiesel portion of bioheat is produced here in New York City from recycled waste vegetable cooking oil, so switching to bioheat is a great way to support a local "waste to energy" company that creates jobs locally, helps improve our air quality dramatically, helps wean us off of imported petroleum, and keeps our dollars here in New York. To learn more visit www.tristatebiodiesel.com.

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