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It's come to my attention that local Asian newspapers cover topics pertaining to our community, that cannot be found in other Englih written community papers such as the Tribune. I think its important that they are written in English papers as well.

By Eddie A.

This is The United States of America!!!! Damn right it should be in ENGLISH!!!

How have you been Eddie

Realistically, the Asian community is as American as we are, although they speak another language, especially when it come to family values.. Like us, they are hard working, they have morals, and they too want to attain the American Dream of home ownership. They also have strict rules when it comes to their children they want them to acheive good grades and do well in school, to make their family proud, which is  really refershing!


Neighborhoods like Middle Village have experienced an influx of Asian's who came looking to purchase a home,  put down roots and raise their families, just like our parents did and just as we are doing today. The majority care deeply for their neighborhood, and their property, especially when plunking down $500K or more for a home.


It should be noted that the older generation, just like  those of our own ethnic older generation who  have come from Europe continue to  speak their native language and also read in their native language. Similarily, they also get their news the old fashion way, they buy a newspaper and read it.


In a way I can understand your concerns, but as a realtor, I am looking at the individual who works hard, saves their money, they have good credit, and wish to purchase a home in a nice neighborhood, just like we do.

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The content of each newspaper is up to the people who run those periodicals.  If you want to see more local content then reach out to the people in charge.  Being angry at other periodicals isn't constructive.  They are responsible for their own content, not anyone else's.  It's not the fault of a non-English periodical that publishers of English periodicals haven't done their job properly in terms of publishing local news.

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