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Nov 11, 2001
How do you accomplish a goal in unknown territory? You learn from others. Other neighborhoods have like problems and some of them have used time honored and unique methods to solve them. One of the best is Old Louisvile. It is not really up on all the websites allotted to it but there are enough that if you really want to, you can glean a great deal of info on how to do it. These people have clear goals for where they live and they work TOGETHER to complish them. I have worked with them and I find them completely coopertive in getting things done. There is no room for petty jealousies or stupid put-downs and they are not afraid to give credit where it is
due As a consequence, you never hear them complain that nobody wants to do anything or that people are just sitting on their hands. These people are professional to the core and it shows dramatically. They also respect differint viewpoints and are able to listen to each other and work out their differences. They carry a great deal of weight in government decision making even though there are times that different agencies that don't respect their history or past, try to put things on them under the guise that it is good for the whole and they will just have to put up with it. No dice

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