Pets w/o leashes

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We have a brand new puppy that my daughter loves... We also love walking around the neighborhood and around the ponds.. I am concerned that people walk their dogs w/o leashes.. Yes, I know that these dogs may be friendly and they may be well trained.. but our puppy has been attacked twice and now my daughter is afraid to walk the dog anywhere!!!! I know we don't have a leash law here, but if you don't know exactly how your dog is going to react around other dogs..WONT you PLEASE put a leash on him/her.. It may save you $$ in the long run, because I refuse to pay for another vet bill from an attack on our dog.. WHO IS ALWAYS ON A LEASH.. THANKS FOR CARING....
I agree


I agree with your email. I have a well behaved large dog that is always leashed as well. On walks to and around the pond, there always seems to be one or two dogs that run up to us at full speed while the owner/owners do not even call the dogs back after they run at us. As all of you can agree, this causes a lot tension between the two of us not knowing what the outcome will be. Yes, everyone should be considerate of the other animals out there as well as the wildlife.

By Jeff
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I have one

I would rather the pet owners comply with the law.

By Jeff
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