Neighborhood Improvement Grant

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I would like to get your ideas for what we should ask for with our Neighborhood Improvement Grant. The majority of neighbors that I have spoke with would like to see neighborhood signs put in like the ones that Crown Heights has. We have the option of putting in a few historic looking lights and also a centennial bench to celebrate Oklahoma's hundreth year. Any ideas you have would be great!
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New to the neighborhood

Hi there! My fiancee and I are new to the neighborhood (on 37th street), and we're very much looking forward to becoming involved with the neighborhood association.

One thing that jumps out at me immediately is the lack of lighting on our street. It's extremely dark, save for a few porch lights here and there, and a few light posts would be a great addition. That said, I believe that regular-old city street lights would detract from the neighborhood's appearance and historic charm. Something similar to what Crown Heights has would fit the architecture well and address the lighting issue.

I agree that neighborhood signs would also be a nice addition.

I'd like to see the option to purchase address and build-date badges/plaques for neighborhood homes such as Crown/Edgemere Heights make available to their members. That way, they have one uniform sign that anyone in the neighborhood who would like to purchase one can get. Like the lighting mentioned above, it's just a little something that adds to the historic charm of the neighborhood--and as the badges themselves are purchased by the individual homeowner, the expense isn't entirely on the NA's dime outside of initial design.

As you can see I'm feeling ambitious and willing to get my hands dirty! Feel free to contact me here on the forums or via email if there's anything we can do to help.
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grant money

All those ideas sound great. I really like the idea of the street lights! This idea might cost too much but I'd really like sidewalks even if only on one side of the streets. But if not the east/west bound streets, a sidewalk on Military Trail would be great. I'd certainly be willing to give up a few feet in my front yard for one.
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