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We just bought a house on Shull road. We love the neighborhood. All my neighbors are very nice. But after a while, we have issue..


We have new neighbor moved in across the street just after we did couple week. I thought that they were nice people.... Our house is at the corner of shull and creek bed and same as their house. Their house has 2 door garage. It is a big house. They have 3 cars. For some reasons, they never park their car in their garage. They park 2 car on their drive way and their son's car in front of my house. They have room in front of their house!!!! it has been like that for at least 3 months (since they just moved in). At first, I did not care. But now, it bothers me so much. And they have visitors, still always park in front of my house. I even sent them a nice letter expressed the issue. They totally ignored it.


I know people can park on the street. It is legal. But come on, parking next to your neighbor's house everyday when you have room in front of your house. it just shows that those people just not well raised, un-educated, low life.


So even we did research about the neighborhood,... Still you never know who you live next to. I guess we just have bad luck.

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