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Message to Jim O'Donnell

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At the June 19th NSNA General Meeting, a motion was made and passed by the anti-CVS forces, for the NSNA to MATCH funds they were seeking from the National Trust Historic Preservation Fund. Has NSNA received the money from Historic Trust? If not, then money from NSNA cannot be spent. Has Jim O'Donnell, Treasurer of NSNA released North Shore funds without receipt of the matching NHPF money? If so, he has spent neighborhood money illegally, and it must be refunded immediately. Jim O'Donnell, you must answer to the neighborhood!!!
Oh, please!

Get a life. There are no more ''anti-CVS forces''. Now everyone rational is trying to work to make this new drugstore fit into the neighborhood. As for Jim O'Donnell, leave him alone. All he's ever done is work hard for the neighborhood. With all your ''ifs'', ''ands'' and ''buts'', it is clear you are attacking for the sake of attacking and have no facts at hand.
are you Jim O'Donnell

I think I asked Jimbo to respond you screaching maniac.If he's hiding behind your skirts tell him to come out and speak for himself.

If you wish to call yourself the ''anti-Steve forces'' rather than the ''anti-CVS forces'' then go right ahead. But, what are the ''Stop CVS'' signs still doing in yards? Have you got one?

Jimbo and Steve both used to work hard together - until you screeching maniacs intervened.

I've got a wonderful life - what's wrong with yours that you have to degrade another to make yourself feel well? I believe there is medication that can help you with that problem.

As for the funds, they were not appropriated to make the CVS store fit the neighborhood. They were for the purpose of fighting CVS by proving the shacks are historic. Your logic is perverted by your anger. One must keep a cool head or their emotions can run their thought processes and one could become cognitively confused as you are.
Please rest before you take pen in hand again.
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Reply to Message to Jim...

Last evening, July 10, Jim O'Donnell, Treasurer of the NSNA Board, reported to the NSNA Board that the 2,500. grant will be utilized prior to the use of matching funds for the consultation by an independent architect to participate in our NSNA attempts to negotiate compromises with MetroGroup/CVS that, hopefully, will result in a project compatible with our neighborhood. Mr. O'Donnell reported that no funds have been disbursed at this time. This report was recorded and will appear in the minutes of the Board meeting. Hope this is helpful.
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