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HOA compliance...Need advice

Posted in: Basking Ridge
I have a neigbor(s) that scream and yell after 10pm with their windows open. Another that has loud conversations on their deck at 11pm and 1AM and smoke outside frequently.The smoke blows into my window. I am extemely sensitive to cigarette smoke and can have allergic reatcions related to Asthma.

I am not able to sleep with my window open. In just the last 2 weeks I have been woken up 4 time due to their inconsiderate behvior and non-compliance of HOA rules.

I don't want to be the ''big brother'' here. I don't need the stress of being the nagging neighbor.

What avenue do I have to get these people to comply and respect my rights within the HOA ?

I am sorry to hear about your inconsiderate neighbors. Have you contacted the HOA yet? I would think the HOA should be the one to enforce these rules.

I also live in the complex and am having a minor issue and need to get in touch with the HOA.  My problem isn't as significant as yours -- there are ants everywhere around the set of condos I live in .  The other problem is that I have misplaced their phone number.

If you have their phone number I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you and the best of luck with your neighbor problem.


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