Violation of the Declaration of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions

Posted in: Hills of Beckley Station

For the shed at 1112 Tindall Lane.


Firstly is the base safe and stable?

Is the HOA fee going to cover the Rodent problem that live underneath the shed?

Who is liable if an accident happens; the resident or HOA for letting it be?

These items are not to code.  Please have them remove it or get it to code. 
From the:
Declaration of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions 

Section 13
Section 3( e )
1- different siding material
2- roofing does not match the house
3 -roofing pitch angle is different
4 -different roof pitch
5 -not on a permanent fixture

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Wow shaperoj, I am glad that you are taking on such huge problems in our neighborhood. Since it appears that you are part of the board, have you also looked into the homeowners that always have cars parked on the streets which cause traffic issues? Or the homeowners that walk their dogs and let the do their business in neighbors yards? I know that most carry baggies to clean that up, but not all of them. Too bad this forum isn't more actIve... or maybe the issues aren't all that bad. Looking forward to your responses and what you can do about them, Tom
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