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June 11th Drama

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Did you hear the craziness last night? 1151/1153/1155/1160. Fighting in the street about 1100pm. Car driven by woman leaves the scene. My neighbor and I are in our driveways talking to 911 when the car returns down the street doing 60 to 70 mph. Shots fired as it passes group standing in front of above addresses. SPPD arrives in force. Gang Task Force and three other patrols. Half of the group runs into 1160 the other into the other addresses. SPPD detain two at gunpoint search them and run them for warrants. Others refuse to open the doors and talk to police. My frustration is this, my neighbor and I are the only two to call the police. There are several houses between us and the above address. Why should only two people continue to stand in the breech?

After the police left a car alarm went off for thirty minutes. I refused to call the police or investigate the source. I had enough drama for the night. I think that we should have a walk through the neighborhood. It will be a good time for us to come together as a united front. I refuse to leave!!!!! They have to go this is a prime spot close to the lakes and centrally located. Shame on all of you who refuse to call the police!! You don't even have to give your name just CALL! And give the address!

As most of you know I have no problem defending myself. I am trained and ready for whatever. What is going to happen when I decide to stop putting my family in jeopardy and retreat to my compound and just sleep with my windows closed and ears shut.  


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We didn't hear it. I'd thought things had gotten a bit quieter.

I'm thinking about keeping our windows open more and running the air conditioner less this summer though, if allergies permit. Maybe then we'd notice more when stuff goes on. I do drive real slow every time I come home past that end of the block, looking to see if there's anything reportable...haven't seen anything yet, but will keep watching and call in anything suspicious.

Are people yelling at each other and using bad language for a fairly long time (but not physically fighting) something that's ok to call in, or is that something the police would just roll their eyes at? I don't like hearing it, nor want my kids hearing it, but I'm not sure what's within their rights.

We too are prepared to defend our home. But we don't want to worry about stray bullets, nor fear being out in our own neighborhood.

I notice that the kids who come over to play haven't much lately, and one said that he was going to stay with his grandma. Wonder if they ran into problems...I always worry about them. Or maybe they're ok but just got tired of always coming over here...but there's no way I'm letting my 5-y-o roam the street on her own, especially down there.

Anyway, a neighborhood walk sounds like a great idea. Count us in!

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I missed all of that as well,  im lucky if i can stay up past 10pm lately.  Another thing ive noticed as how it looks like a dump down there.  Its disgusting, trash everywhere, dont people have ANY pride?   And there are really little kids that like to dart across the street,  with the parents of course sitting 10 feet away, man that ticks me off.  I was thinking what a difference it would make of there were police cars that actually drove down Norton on their daily patrols.  I think their presense alone would probably make a difference. 

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