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This is the first discussion thread on our new website--basically a place to introduce ourselves and see who from our neighborhood is online as we get this started.

(Many people in our area don't have internet or email, so we'll want to include them in person or by phone as much as possible.)

So I guess I get to do the first introduction. Laughing I'm Rachel, at 1132 Norton. Right now I'm the online coordinator for our group. Thank you, Nancie, for suggesting this website!

My husband Dave, daughter Nadia, and I moved here in December 2004. Nadia is 5 now (5 and a half! she says), and our son Zach is 1.5 years old. We have also been waiting for a while to adopt a child locally (from MN or maybe WI), but have not been chosen by birthparent(s) yet.

We're excited about the new garden we put in this year, and might be asking some of you more experienced gardeners for tips in the next few months. Smile

And there's a commotion with the back later!

Great Job Rachel!


Your garden is lovely.

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Hi I am Tracy i live at 1109, I have 4 sons and work at Concordia University.  Well i think we can add 1124 to the "watch list" seeing as how this past Sunday there were people fighting in the street.  The woman that lives there continued to be so out of hand even after the 6 squad cars arrived that they threw her and sadly her little daughter and baby into the back of a squad car.  This house is a rental,  they blast their music at 3am, they rudely swear loudly outside and i dont appreciate little kids hearing it.   The landlord needs to know we wont put up with tenants like that,  he should be held responsible for their behavior since its ultimately his choice who he rents to.  I know a couple people know this guy so we need to get his name and contact him.  On a brighter note i think this site is a great idea, i hope more people participate!  Thanks for the invite Rachel.

Hi Tracy

My name is Camille and I live at 1138. We won't have to worry about 1124 much longer, they have been evicted. They have until the end of this month to move, I heard this information yesterday.

So one problem down and many more to go!

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