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Cats can run free? Can my dogs

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So I am just curious....

Is it legal for me to let my dogs run around during the day and go to the restroom in other peoples' yards? This would be extremely convenient as I would not have to pick up any pet waste, and I am sure my dogs would love to run around and mark everything.

Of course it's not legal. It's irresponsible.

So why are cat's allowed to do that?

No less than 5 cats use my backyard as a toilet.

What is my recourse? Can I capture them? If so, once caught, can I legally have the owner of the pet reimburse me for the live trap (which are kind of expensive). I don't want to hurt the cats. I don't think it's their fault.

Once confirmed, I will be setting no less than 3 traps in my backyard. But I want to make sure I won't get in trouble for doing so.

I considered talking to the neighbors, but isn't this a bit obvious? I don't think I should have to tell people to keep their pets, whatever they be, out of my yard.

I will be contacting the Humane Society, Vancouver Police, and the HOA before I pursue any action, but this will stop.

Be considerate folks.
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It is against the law to let your cats and dogs to run free. The law is  on TV a lot about how they are not to be roaming. My neighbors have lots of roaming cats. The The dog shelter says we can go down there and get an animal friendly catcher. Then we just drop them off at the animal shelter. They will " fix" them and wait for the owner or adopt them out. If you know where they are coming from you can call the animal control.     360-397-2488 and they will call the owners and will not give out your name.

The animal shelter is ......360-693-4746

Good Luck and remember your yard is just that.  not a toilet for other's cats or dogs.


ya know, my wife got mad at my threats of hurting all the cats also using my front and back yard as bathrooms so i bought a couple of havahart traps from craigslist.  the humane society also rents them but they were always gone when i called.  i have caught about 12 cats and one oppossum in the last two years.  the humane society takes them and relocates them if they were abandoned or makes the owners pay to get them back.  i still have a couple of cats take in but at least for now my front yard is poop free.

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