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Kids area in woods

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I just heard that they are going to take down the area next to the playground at Sandy Knoll that all those people put such hard work in to and that commemorates a lifetime resident of Norbeck Hills that passed away.  We have so enjoyed seeing the kids playing down there and dont understand why they are making it come down when the forts that I constructed when I was growing up on Macduff, are still in tact 15 years later.  There are lots of areas in the woods that kids have built around, most of them old and in disrepair.  This one is incredible and if anything they should be paying the residents who I have seen working out there tirelessley on it. The property is not even managed by Norbeck Hills, it is under the stewardship of the  ICC watershed project.  Just saying this is a sad thing.  

-Becca on Jenner ct. 

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