Amplified Noise Ordinance

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I have lived on FM 812 for 5 years between H21 and H20. I have had to indure loud music for all of those years, not only while outside, but inside my house, as I write this, it is loud enough to be heard  over the TV.  I contacted the police once but nothing done, I have talked to neighbors, which our land is 21/2 areas, so the 30 feet  is being something of a joke.  They are afraid to confront the offenders, due to not knowing if they will be shot for complaining, I will admit no one  in my house wants to go up against someone who is that uncaring that they contunue to make the quite life of the country and living nightmare. If I could afford to sell this place and move back to the apartment life I considered noisey, I would.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can you clarify if paragraph 2 respective of paragraph 1.  My son's band is practicing in our garage from 4:00pm until 8:00pm and recently a neighbor asked them to stop playing.  I am not sure if we should conceed or if they are in their right to play.  


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Its all about common courtesy. The issue with mowing and home construction is that it's a temporary situation that is usually done during the day or on the weekends and stops. As far as the "dual exhaust gas guzzler", I hear a lot fewer of those that the "bass thumping ear destroying car system". I like to listen to my music, but when I enter the neighborhood, I turn it down because this is where people live. They deserve the right to peace and quiet. Also, I don't presume that everyone wants to hear my musical tastes. I can't tell you how many times I have been at a gas station and someone has left their car sound system volume all the way up, all windows down, all the while they were in the store, with nobody in the car and its playing very profane lyrics with a F this and a F that. Any right that infringes on anothers right is no longer the first persons right. Just as you have the right to play loud music, I have the right to not have to listen to it! And it you insist on parking next door with your bass-thumping up all hours of the night, don't be surprised in the morning when you wake up and find you sound system has been jacked! - that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.......

   Its called disrespect and no concentration of others. Common courtesy and right down common since that alot of folks don't get so of course there has to be a law how else to control ignorance?   Common since to noise that you know is not right....that not a brain teaser. lol  Really?  So you must be a noisey one?


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