Amplified Noise Ordinance

Posted in: Montgomery Area

You are completely wrong. If you still read these postings let me know, I'll be happy to explain.

           On the issue of playing loud music or making loud noise that is pigeon holing people that play music.  If the law is, if someone you can hear it from 30 ft. away the noise maker should be fined, then good luck mowing your lawn, getting your house remodled or re-shingled.  Also sorry you got dual exhaust on your gas guzzler or muscle car looks like we are going to have to ticket you.  Your tires on your car much to loud here is a citation.  Sorry you couldn't get any food from the grocery store those darned big rigs are to loud.  Sorry you got nailed by that train on the railroad tracks they are not able to sound the horn anymore because it is to loud.  City ordinace and laws should not be put into affect for just special cases.  If anyone can tell me why this is OK, then by all means please reply.

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