Kids Health Care -Millions Lost

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Do we want sick kids in school with your kids or grandkids? Seems like we are ready to cut off a hand to pretend we are cutting the budget. We all lose.

The local Rhode Island news is blasting word of supplemental budget cuts from the Governor's office. These cuts will affect the children and families we serve. RIte Care recipients will be hit hard if his requests go through the legislature. Below is more information about the cuts to state healthcare and attached you will find a flyer for a rally at the Statehouse, Wednesday, January 23, 3:30--co-sponsored by RIPIN Family Voices. Please post flyer in agencies, offices, and schools so our families know what's going on!!!!

2,000 undocumented children who were previously allowed to be enrolled in RIte Care will no longer be able to receive RIte Care as of April. The Poverty Institute at Rhode Island College estimates that 1,300 of the 2,000 targeted children are ''legal permanent residents'' on a track to become citizens in the next five years, according to executive director Kate Brewster. (

7,400 low-income adults will lose RIte Care coverage. ''As talk about a recession looms large, there couldn?’t be a worse time to take health insurance away from low-income working parents which will deny them access to preventative health care, cause the state to forfeit millions of federal dollars, and send shock waves through the health-care delivery system,'' she said.

By Arthur
Yep, I am one of the families

Work a bunch of jobs and guess too much...Better to sit back and let politicos work their deals.

By Father
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7,400 workers take hit

The 7,400 workers in Rhode Island who may take a hit when RIte care is reduced will be those people who work those allegedly ''full time'' jobs. These are the people who work 15 hours a week at McDonald's, 15 hours at Home Depot and an extra ten hours under the table. Maybe this is what former President Bill Clinton meant in the mid 1990's that ''full employment'' such as two plus jobs will cover the health care and other costs of working in the United States.
Pound Foolish

Carcieri is like the Bush in protecting his buds and dumping out the real people who do the tuff stuff ...and the kids always tossed out.

By PennyWise
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