Hotel taking Hostages?

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The article on the still to be built Hampton Inn, sure sounds like they- the hotel is pulling out all stops to not finally conclude the deal. Does anyone have a solution or should the city build it like the state did the Westin and then sell it at a profit?

By Arthur

Thinking about the things that bother me most are framed into a question and then framed as a statement if you can follow my questions and visions with yours.

They may be financial issues like the non-taxes paid by the developer or the businesses not profiting from hotel guests, frustration issues like this has taken years to simply clear off the land to satisfy the political favors, but whatever stresses you out the most or makes your life so difficult is something we need to speak out and make changes now and not shut up til done.

Talk from your heart and your real life experience....knowledge some politicos might learn from and grow Pawtucket and not left standing backwards in the dust.

By Hoteless
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Hampton Inn still being cleared

Dear Arthur and Hoteless,

When I drove by the Division Street site on Friday, January 4, contractors were still clearing the proposed hotel site. I do not understand what is going on between the Hampton Inn and the city of Pawtucket. Would someone please explain?

Klueless 2

I am Clueless too with the stuff that seems to be, seems to be reported and seems confusing over all these years of bickering and undserstood that they were to have started building in 2007, but what's a few years between good friends. The problem is we; the city,community & taxpayers, seem to be on the short end and everyone has a differing story.

By Arthur
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