Newkirk Estates Civic Assn.

Minutes from September 6, 2017

At 7:00 p.m. the meeting was called to order by President Ray Schafferman.  Thirteen people were in attendance.  Each one signed a paper that is attached to the secretary’s copy of the minutes.

Ray then announced that for personal reasons Johanna Fekete has resigned from the Board of Directors.  Her position will be filled during the November elections so residents may consider running for this position.

Ray then introduced Representative Edward Osienski.  Ed gave the following report:

  • ·         The sink hole on Phyllis Drive has been repaired by DelDOT.
  • ·         DelDot did a traffic study on Phyllis Drive from March 2-9.  During that time 554 cars used the road and traveled at an average of 27.5 mph.  Since the speed limit posted in all housing develops is 25 mph this is a tolerable speed.
  • ·         In response to the requests of residents attending the meeting, Ed will request that a traffic study be done on Longview Drive, especially in the curved area.
  • ·         Ed announced the following:

o   September 13 from 9:00-noon there will be a housing expo at the Newark Senior Center

o   September 15 there will be a job fair for veterans at the Middletown Fire Hall.

o   Chapman Road bridge will be replaced

o   The intersection of Red Mill Road and Capital Trail will undergo a study for ways to improve the traffic flow

o   Red Mill Road bridge will be repaired during spring 2018

o   A bill introduced by Ed has resulted in motor vehicle registrations for new vehicles to be increased from five years to seven years.

Ray asked Ed the status of our request to have the USPS mailbox at the development entrance moved to a slightly different location that will again enable residents to deposit mail from their vehicles.  Ed responded that after several contacts with the Newark Post Office Supervisor and a meeting with the Post Office maintenance man and an Association representative he thought this project would have been completed.  Since it has not he again contacted the Supervisor who changed what our Association must do for the mailbox to be moved.  At the request of the residents attending the meeting Ed will seek other channels to have this project completed.

Councilman Tim Sheldon was then introduced to the group.  Tim gave the following report:

  • ·         Thirteen years ago Tim was able to have passed a $17,000,000 ordinance to buy out the flood damaged homes that were in what is now our parkland.  It is being able to accomplish things like this that he is most proud.
  • ·         Tim reviewed the information on the copy of the New Castle County Police Department report for Newkirk Estates which he had distributed to all in attendance.  Tim noted that the new police liaison for Newkirk Estates is Master Corporal Jeffrey Gautier #2564. (A copy of this report is attached to the secretary’s copy of the minutes.)

Bob Rogers informed Tim that in response to his phone calls the playground mulch has been replaced and a large branch that came down near the playground has been removed.  He asked Tim about our request to have the playground equipment power washed.  Tim’s response was that there is currently no funding for this.  He went on to explain the current requests for and constraints on capital funds for the county.

Tim was asked if it was possible to have a sign posted at the end of Longview Drive which indicates that no 4-wheelers allowed.  Tim was surprised that this was a problem but will look into getting a sign.

Tim was asked if it is possible to have a sign with dog-waste bags installed at the entrance to the park to encourage people who walk their dogs there to clean up after them.  He was also asked who to contact to have the large tree branches that have fallen in the park removed; the lawns were being mowed around these branches.  Tim responded that the County Park Maintenance Group is short staffed so it might take a while to have this done.  He recommended calling Paul Johnson, Head of Parks, with this request.

Having given their reports and answered questions both Representative Osienski and Councilman Sheldon elected to stay for the remainder of the meeting.

Ray read the Treasurer’s report in the Treasurer’s absence.  As of September 6th the balance of the Association’s checking account is $7,386.36 and the balance of the savings account is $7,312.97.  The proposed budget for 2018 (attached) will be reviewed and voted on at the November 7th meeting.

Elections for officers and board members will be held at the November 7th meeting. 

Ray indicated that the board has been satisfied with the lawn work done at the community’s entrance by Dennis Hooper so they would like to renew his contract.  The board would also like to renew the contract with Kleen Kuts for snow removal.  These renewals were voted on and approved.

After some discussion about ongoing issues in Newkirk Estates, Ray reminded everyone that if you see a problem it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities – county, police or social services.  Only witnesses can make these reports.  However, as stated in the minutes of June 6, 2017, “… if anyone feels a neighbor’s property is in violation of the Property Maintenance Code that they speak to the neighbor.  If it remains a problem they may contact the County.”

The monies have been received from the insurance company to replace the development sign at the entrance.  Ray has already made arrangements for a replacement sign and is now taking bids for rebuilding the brick pillars.  Anyone capable of rebuilding and installing the brick pillars is asked to contact President Schafferman at 302-738-0899 for information on how to submit a bid.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

The next meeting of the Newkirk Estates Civic Association will be Tuesday, November 7, at 7:00 p.m. in the Choral Room of Shue-Medill Middle School.  All residents are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Dorie Galloway, Secretary

Posted by newkirk02 on 09/14/2017
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