Newkirk Estates Civic Assn.

Minutes from July 9, 2016

Newkirk Estates Civic Association

July 9, 2016

Toni James verified that according to the Newkirk Estates Bylaws our group of nine constituted a quorum so at 2:05 p.m. President Ray Schafferman opened the meeting, which was held at the park.

Ray reported the following:

·         According to Treasurer Mary Beth Coté’s report she has made great progress in collecting the Association dues for 2016.  She thanks everyone who has already made their payment and reminds those who have not that a $5 late fee will be charged after July 31st.  Ray read the Treasurer’s report which listed the expenses and income to date which included a $975 reimbursement from the State for snowplowing.  As of June 30th the checking account balance was $6,063.36 and the savings account balance was $7,310.59.

 ·         Rep. Ed Osienski informed Ray that he is still working with the Post Office to have the mailbox at the entrance moved.  Rep. Osienski also reported that although originally part of Newark’s water main replacement program “[d]ue to pricing being higher than anticipated for water main replacement this year Flora Circle was postponed into 2017 but it will be replaced then…”

 ·         Corrections to the May 2nd minutes were: Mary Curran’s name was misspelled as Mary Kearns, and the date of the meeting of officers and directors was May 9 not June 9 as indicated.

 ·         Ray has contacted the managers of Popeye’s, Bruster’s and Wawa to ask that they contribute toward the cost of maintaining the street light at our entrance.  The manager of Popeye’s refused.  The managers of Bruster’s and Wawa have referred the request to their corporate headquarters.

 ·         There will be a meeting of officers and directors in mid-August.  One item on the agenda of this meeting is the establishment of a Finance Committee.  The next general association meeting will be scheduled for a date in late September when the Shue-Medill Choral Room is available.

 ·         The Attorney General’s office for the State of Delaware has an attorney, Christopher Curtin, who helps out with Neighborhood Associations.  Ray has contacted him to help with the Bylaws and advice on how to re-coop dues from residents who do not or will not pay.  He is an ombudsman so will not be able to represent us in these matters, however, he can guide us in the right direction.

 ·         It was mentioned that several owners of rental property in NKE requested a copy of any newsletter.   This raised the question as to whether landlords are all registered and if there is a fee for this registration?  Ray will invite Ombudsman Curtin to the August meeting.

 ·         The topic of dog walkers not cleaning up after their dog used others property was discussed.  Dogs are to be walked on a leash and the person walking them is to remove their waste from others’ property.  This raised the question of controlling cats. Ray stated that according to state law cats are “free roaming animals” so there is no way to control them.  He went on to discuss the closing of the nearby SPCA and his concern for the feral cat colony that lives on that land.

 Old Business:

·         Arlene Rogers asked if there was any progress to report on having a speed bump installed on Phyllis near the playground.  Ray responded that that will require a petition being submitted to the county.  The county will then install roadway tapes to determine the amount of traffic on that roadway and might install a speed indicating sign.  If this survey determines the need a speed bump could then be installed. After discussion Ray stated that he will start the process for both Phyllis and Longview.

New Business:

·         Toni James asked if Senator Karen Peterson has retired and if so who will follow-up on any unfinished projects?  Sen. Peterson retired this summer at the end of her term.  Ray will contact her to inquire about unfinished projects.

 ·         Barbara Hanson asked if Ray was aware that there is a sink hole on the back of her property?  A neighbor who mows her lawn has filled the hole several times but it keeps reappearing. DelDOT is aware of this problem but has not fixed it. Ray will look into this.

 ·         Ray has received several anonymous complaints about things in our community.  Should anyone contact an officer or board member with a complaint they are asked to give their name and telephone number in order for them to be informed of the status of their complaint.

 ·         Barbara Hanson asked how motorists can be stopped from making illegal U-turns at the entrance.  Several shared their  “close call” experiences.  Ray will contact the police officer who patrols our community to ask that he attend our September meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 p.m. (just as it began to rain).

Respectfully submitted,

Dorie Galloway

Posted by newkirk02 on 10/10/2016
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