Newkirk Estates Civic Assn.

Minutes from September 20, 2016


Newkirk Estates Civic Association

September 20, 2016

President Ray Schafferman called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.   He announced that although invited to attend this meeting Representative Ed Osienski, Councilman Tim Sheldon and Officer Perry Sorrels were not able to attend due to conflicting commitments.  Ray will invite them to attend the November 15 meeting.

It was moved by Ray Schafferman and seconded by Johanna Fekete that the minutes of the July 9th meeting be approved as written.  Secretary Dorie Galloway gave a brief overview of the Officers and Board of Directors’ meeting of August 16.  It was during this meeting that a Finance Committee was established.  Members are Mary Beth Coté, Toni James, Debbie Tarker and Ray Schafferman, ex officio.

Treasurer Mary Beth Coté distributed a sheet which showed income and expenses since July 9th on one side and the proposed 2017 budget on the other (copies attached).  She reported that there are currently 35 residents who still owe their association dues.  The current checking account balance is $5,780.16 and the current savings account balance is $7,310.96.  Mary Beth explained each line of the proposed 2017 budget.  While explaining this budget she raised the question of whether our organization needs insurance since she had seen in older records where it had been purchased. Bob Rogers responded that prior to New Castle County taking over the responsibility of our parks that was necessary but is no longer needed.  The proposed budget will be voted on at the November 15th meeting.

Ray announced that if the proposed budget for 2017 is approved by the membership at the November meeting that he will need volunteers for membership to the currently defunct Welcoming Committee, Children’s Activity Committee and the Social Committee.  If you are interested in joining one of these committees please contact Ray after this meeting.  As there has been no Welcoming Committee for several years Mary Beth will send letters to anyone who has recently moved into our community.

Several residents have reported what they believe are drug transactions in the darker corners of Newkirk Estates.  This has been reported to Officer Sorrels.  Off. Sorrels made the drug detail aware of this possibility.  Should you see what you believe is such a transaction you should note the date, time, location and, if possible, the license number(s) of the car(s).  This information should be reported to 302-573-2800, the non-emergency police number. Do not try to interfere with these transactions.   

Ray has received complaints of untagged vehicles being parked in several locations in the community as well as vehicles parked on lawns.  He will investigate these reports and, if he finds such vehicles, will contact the home owners.  There have also been reports of trash on community properties as well as grass and shrubs that are growing over parts of the sidewalks.  All are violations of the New Castle County Property Maintenance Code as described at and are the responsibility of the home owners.   It was suggested by Ed Logue that the Civic Association send letters to those in violation of these codes.  If nothing is done to correct the problem those in violation will be reported to New Castle County.  Those in attendance agreed.

Several residents commented that there are two places where vehicles, although legally parked, create problems for drivers to see around them for oncoming traffic.  These places are the exit lane of Flora Circle and the curve of Longview Drive.  Should you live in these areas please ensure that other drivers can see around your vehicle when you park.

Old Business:

The sink hole on Barbara Hanson’s property was discussed.  Barbara indicated that it is DelDoT that is responsible for this since it is caused by the streets’ drainage system.  Ray will attempt to contact DelDoT.

Ray has spoken to Ed Osienski about having speed bumps installed on Phyllis Drive near the park and on Longview Drive.  The cost of the required survey must come from the County Highway budget.  A digital sign that counts and indicates the speed of approaching drivers will be installed.  If this survey indicates there is enough traffic to warrant a speed bump letters will be sent to all residents of these streets.  This process requires approximately 80% of the residents to approve the installation of a speed bump.  During this process the area will be patrolled by New Castle County Police.  Anyone, including residents, found to be speeding will be ticketed.  After a vote of those in attendance Ray will ask Ed to start this process.

New Business:

Barbara Hanson reported that people walking through the Phyllis Drive park area have been dropping litter.  She has spoken to those she has observed doing this so hopes that they will be more responsible.  Everyone is reminded that it is the responsibility of each resident to keep our parks and neighborhood litter free.

Toni James asked everyone in attendance to bring a neighbor to the November 15 meeting.  All residents benefit from the actions of the Civic Association so should be involved in our meetings. This is especially important since the 2017 budget will be voted on at this meeting.

Since there was no further business Bob Rogers moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:05.  This was seconded by Mary Beth Coté.

Respectfully submitted,

Dorie Galloway, Secretary


Posted by newkirk02 on 10/10/2016
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