Newkirk Estates Civic Assn.

Minutes from May 2, 2016

Newark Estates Civic Association

May 2, 2016


Three guests joined twenty-three residents for a social at 7 p.m. followed by meeting at 7:30 p.m. in Shue Medil School on May 2, 2016.  Newkirk Estates residents brought many delicious desserts and snacks to share for the half-hour before the meeting.

Even though Donna Long, President, was just returning from work, she stopped by and shared in the social and was able to stay for the beginning of the meeting.  At 7:30 Debbie Tarker and Mary Beth Coté opened the meeting and explained why it was called.  Then Donna greeted our guests: Rep. Edward Osienski, Councilman Tim Sheldon and Senator Karen Peterson, and invited them to speak briefly with those in attendance.

Rep. Ed Osienski greeted us and encouraged us to keep up the civic association.  As a consequence of a neighbor’s concern, he will inquire on the condition of the water lines in Newkirk Estates, and re-call the postal department about the location of the mailbox at the entrance.

Sen. Karen Peterson told us about a new phone number for all animal problems and concerns: 302-255-4646.  She also told us that the reason the recycle landfill on Poly Drummond Road was closed for many months was because the money used to mulch the yard waste had run out.  But now it is open on weekends. 

Councilman Tim Sheldon praised the neighbors for their vigilance in reporting suspicious persons by calling 911.  (Because a resident called this in, the police were able to find these individuals.)  He also reminded us that there are new rental codes requiring all rental houses to be registered.  In particular, if individuals are renting, be sure that the home is registered.  Registration can be done by calling 302-395-5555 or under Land Use on the  Answering a question, Tim told us that the law states that no more than four non-related people should live in one home.  He also told us about police investigations of incidents in our neighborhood, from abandoned vehicles to a burglary.  (That report is with the secretary’s copy of these minutes.)  Lastly, Councilman Tim Sheldon told the residents that there is a new program in New Castle County, “Senior Minor Home Repair Program.”  This program is designed to provide assistance to senior homeowners who find themselves in need of small repairs in their homes.  There are guidelines, such as a single person would need to earn less than $44,150.  To find out about this program, go to and click on ‘Services.’  Or call (302)-395-5600.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mary Beth Coté, since Jackie Durham couldn’t make the meeting.  Since October 1, 2013, the following expenditures were incurred:  Delmarva Power: $280.30, DP&L: $130.73, City of Newark: $20.36, DE Franchise Tax: $50, Plowing: $3,600, Mowing and Upkeep of Entrance: $1,726.  With the dues being deposited, the checking account is currently at $3,118.46 and the savings account is at $7,310.22.  A motion was made to accept this report.  It was seconded and unanimously approved.

It was the decision and vote of the members that since the last minutes of Newkirk Estates Civic Association had occurred over two years ago, no minutes would be read.

Mary Beth and Debbie apologized for the officers’ oversight in not having yearly elections.  They explained that Jackie Durham had recently resigned as Treasurer and that due to attrition the number of directors was two.  (Note: the By-Laws state that there should be five directors.)  Therefore, a call was made for nominations in all offices and a proposed full slate of nominations was presented to the members.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Each person listed on the slate of nominations addressed those in attendance.  Discussion took place and it was motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved that 1) elections should take place that evening, and 2) that the terms of the positions would be until held until the December, 2017, meeting. 

The results of the elections are:  President:  Ray Shafferman, Vice-President: Debbie Tarker, Secretary: Dorie Galloway, Treasurer: Mary Beth Coté, Directors: Brian Coté, Johanna Fekete, Toni James, Bob Rogers, and Mary Fickefoose.

Two proposals were presented for mowing the entrance:  One from Heritage Outdoor Services for $40 for mowing, edge trimming and blowing off cuttings; the other from Dennis Hooper for $35 for the same.  Since Mr. Hooper resides in our development, a motion was made to accept his proposal for one year.  This motion was seconded.  It passed with one dissension.  This person had an unpleasant experience with this mower.  But the residents decided to try him out for a year.  Ray will contact him.

There were no submitted proposals for snow plowing.  So we will continue to look into this and decide in our summer/fall meeting.

A few residents requested that flowers or attractive bushes by planted by our signs.  In a phone call, Mary Kearns said that sedum had been planted there and it should return if it is not being mowed down.  She would be glad to give more cuttings of it.  It was motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved that up to $200 should be spent for plantings.  Ed Logue volunteered to get some plants.

Mary Beth Coté received an anonymous letter listing a number of untagged vehicles parked in the neighborhood.  If the vehicle is parked on the street, it needs to be reported to the non-emergency police number at 302-575-2800.  And if the vehicle is parked on private land, i.e. a driveway, it needs to be reported to New Castle County Code Enforcement at 302-355-5555.  Both reports may remain anonymous but should be called in by the person observing the problem.  In like manner, dog/animal feces not picked up by walkers is a violation and should be reported to New Castle County Code Enforcement.

Debbie Tarker requested that we look into the possibility of having the state replace the sign by the park with one that has larger, easier to read printing.

Questions about the dues were postponed until the next meeting.  Any property owner who did not pay the $20 dues for 2015 is asked to send it in immediately to Jackie Durham or to Mary Beth Coté, 1 Hardin Lane, Newark DE 19711

It was requested that we hold spring and fall yard sales.  The spring yard sale will be held on June 4th with a rain-date of June 5th.    The advertising for the spring yard will be held about one or two weeks prior.  Each person in the development can set up a yard sale in front of his/her home on that date.  Call Robin Kelly at 302-593-6645 if you have any questions.

Our next regular meeting will be held in July.  The officers and directors will meet Monday, June 9, at 7:30 p.m. at Ray Schafferman’s home.

Respectfully Submitted,



Mary Beth Coté


New Officers: President:  Ray Schafferman 302-738-0899; Vice President: Debbie Tarker 302-738-3081;  Secretary: Dorie Galloway 302-366-1941; Treasurer: Mary Beth Coté 302-456-9822

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