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There are highly detailed county and local ordinaces for others peoples pets. Although:


Pets do not have the capability to walk around at night and break into people's automobiles like juveniles do.


Pets do not have the capability to rob someone or to commit aggrevated assault on an adult during the night time.


So those are two valid reasons to create a local neighborhood curfew ordinance on minors.

If the parents do not care about the safety of their children or the safety of the people in the neighborhood, then local government should step in to assure safety for all local residence.

Let me tell you now that many people I know say that some days allow them less than an hour or sleep due to massive amounts of school work, so apparently "onle" 4-5 hours of sleep is enough. I also find it ironic that your comment talks about the importance or education but fails to contain proper grammar. I am addressing this in terms of high school students because that is your mentioned dempgraphic and I do not possess information on the amount of work given to elementary and middle schoolers. 

You are honestly, the stupidest, most ignorant person I have ever met. I am going into 10th grade this year, a.k.a I am going to be a sophomore, I stay up until ATLEAST midnight everynight because thats just the type of person I am, and I have trouble sleeping because I love the night time. Even though I have the tendancy and somewhat lack of sleep, I still got all A's and B's this year, being out past 9 does not change how good someone does in school because of the fact that, if they are out making trouble, they are troublemakers ANYWAYS and probably don't care about school but because they were out past 9 does not mean THATS why they do bad in school. If someone gets 4-5 hours of sleep (a.k.a going to bed at 1-2 am) they still have enough ENERGY TO FUNCTION which is all that matters, even if they arent the highlight of the room, they can still function and do what they are told. Also, most kids I know stay up until midnight anyways, the only difference with a curfew, is that they wont be outside exploring the place the live/having good times with their friends, which is what childhood is meant for, they will be at home, either watching tv, playing video games, getting on the computer, or sitting there bored just because they are home doesnt mean they will do there homework/study more infact 9/10 kids will stick to the same schedule about school whether they are home or not, and also, I know many many children my age who spend the nights at friends houses and study together, or do work together, etc but if there was a curfew they cant walk over to their friends can they? You are another idiotic government type that has no idea what you are talking about, what children deal with, and have no right putting your nose in someone else buisness if a parent is ok with a child coming home at 11-12 thats THEIR right and THEIR option/choice, NOT YOURS, So please do everyone a favor, shut your mouth, stop thinking, and stay out of subjects and topics that AREN'T your buisness. 

Well I have two statements that I feel could be added to this debate:


1. There is quite the amount of name calling and rudeness from both sides, and I feel like we, as fellow members of the human race, can deal with our disagreements in a non-demeaning way. 


2.I haven't seen anyone address the comment at the top of page three; I feel like that is something that should be talked about. You are claiming that juveniles have the ability to commit crimes at night so they should not be able to walk around past nine P.M., so by that logic wouldn't no one ever be able to walk around. We also have the ability to take a kitchen knife and go on a rampage through the city, so should we not take away kitchen knifes as well?

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