Mosquito Spraying Petition

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Enclosed is a copy of Janet's email sent to me...

hey everyone:

after doing some research in GOOGLE on west nile virus and pesticide spraying, i've found several things worth exploring. the freaky thing is that the current global climate change is what is prompting this migration of mosquitoes and the spread of west nile virus. and the prospects of that are very scary, too. it is the ole' ''caught between a rock and a hard place'' situation. in any case:

1)Human Exposure to Mosquito-Control Pesticides --- Mississippi ...

The findings indicated ULV application in MC activities did not result in
substantial pesticide exposure to humans; however, public health interventions ...

from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) website:

2)The EPA?’s Pesticide-Protection Failure
Linda Greer, the director of NRDC?’s public health program, discusses the failure of the federal government to implement the Food Quality Protection Act, a groundbreaking 1996 law recognizing that children are particularly vulnerable to the ill-effects of pesticides.
3)Pesticide Exposure

Human pesticide routes of exposure, including dermal, oral, respiratory and eyes.

4)Canadians Against Pesticides - Links between Pesticides and Health

Scientists, health advocates, politicians and pesticide manufacturers continue
to argue about the truth surrounding health effects from pesticide exposure. ...
Mosquito Spraying

Hi Sue..Thanks for taking the time to post this information. I am going to go through it. Candidly I don't know enough about the subject.I know that I have been bitten several times every time I leave my house or car...this is not good.

For now we should read up on it. Summer is almost over, so we can spend some time on it over the fall and winter.

See you soon.

Mosquito Spraying

Yes, I agree...I don't know enough about it either. We need to educate ourselves first. I can't believe summer is almost over...and I still don't have a tan!

Talk to you soon,
Bats Houses

Enclosed is an email message sent by Janet...upstate (mid hudson valley) where we have our farm, it is common practice to encourage bats ~ we have purchased two wooden ''bat houses'' which are mounted on our shed out back. if the bats have a place they enjoy to live, they will hang around and multiply. it is a great, clean way to control mosquitoes!

I have enclosed a link from the National Wildlife Federation on how to build a bat house...

By Susan
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