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Playhouses, sheds & such

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I don't have a copy of my restrictions in front of me but am I correct in my understanding that no sheds are allowed?
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Playhouses, sheds & such


Sorry for taking so long to respond. I believe the answer to your question is 'yes', but I want to make sure you get the correct answer so I will have the architecture committee review and respond within a few days.

Thanks for your patience.
Re: Playhouses, sheds & such


Sorry for the delayed response, I had
to check the Deed Restrictions.
Hopefully this will answer your question:

The construction of a Shed would be restricted by Section 5 of
the Deed Restrictions (All Three phases), wherein it states:

5. No building, basement, swimming pool, tennis court, fence, wall, hedge, or other enclosure, or any utility meter, or other structure *** shall be erected, placed or maintained on any Lot *** unless the same shall be in accordance with detailed plans
and specifications therefore *** , which detailed plans and specifications have first been
approved in writing by the Committee. All such plans and specifications must be prepared by a competent architect or draftsmen.

Depending on the proposed placement of the shed, it may also be prohibited by Section 7, which reads:

7. No structure or any part thereof, other than a fence, hedge, wall or other enclosure, which shall first have been approved as provided in paragraph 5 hereof shall be erected, placed or maintained on any Lot *** ?“nearer to any side lot line or rear lot line than shall be permitted by the appropriate zoning and building requirements of the City of Pickerington.?”

Therefore, to comply with the restrictions, a Cherry Hill homeowner would need to submit detailed plans of
a shed or playhouse to the C.H. Civic Association. The CHCA would then have the opportunity to review the plans and decide whether or not to approve
the plans.

That's the long-winded answer.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks!

~ Jeff Vandervoort ~
CHCA Architectural Committee

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