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I'm not sure which Artesian Water protection plan to enroll in.  Artesian is offering water and sewer line protection individually and bundled in the event repairs are needed, but both lines are difficult to get to.  Does anyone know what the best plan is for homeowners in the Stonebridge community?  If not, any suggestions on who I should contact for info?  Thanks!

I am just replying, but this information has been repeated in our Stonebridge Townhome Owners Association Newsletter and Communications to homeowners.  Artesian does offer the Water (Yard Service Line) and Sewer repair protection plan.  It's not quite insurance, just a monthly payment to have Artesian agree to pay for covered repairs if one of those fail.  Artesian does the work, there is no payment to another contractor. 


By far, there have been a number of water service line failures (from the shutoff in the yard) into the house.  This was due to the piping material used in the original construction.  A class action lawsuit settlement was set up to fund these repairs caused by the failures - if the line failed and repair was made the first 10 years.  That fund settlement expired years ago. That's no help now, but I hope this information is helpful. 


I strongly recommend taking advantage of Artesian's plan for any homeowner on Stonebridge Boulevard.  Sewer failures have been few, but just this year (2012), it does appear that some homeowners have seen clogs or problems from roots.  If you are so discilpined you can save the monthly premium each month, it is a gamble as to when a failure may occur.  Sooner or much later ?  It's a trade-off & your choice with Sewer, the risk with the water line if it has not been replaced already is much higher. 

just start a account for home repairs,that's what i do. JUST DON'T TOUCH IT.......If you take artesians plain,make sure thay will cover all coust.reed fine print........good luck ,hope this help.

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