New Board=New Neighborhood?!

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Hi. Just wanted to take a moment to say very impressive 1st news letter! It had more info then we EVER got in the past COMBINED over 3 years! Keep them coming. Monthly?Quarterly? On line if not in the mail? Something/ANYTHING!;)

Communications is the key for a strong,successful,fun,friendly,community. While we don't know all of you personally we are looking forward to the changes & improvements to come.

Not tryig to speak for all so others please speak up & ask as well!

What's your plan? Regular Monthly Board meetings scheduled? Agendas & minutes posted? At least Quarterly Community meetings? PLEASE!

Will there be funds for a Civic/Social/Events Committee? We tried to get one set up approved & funded by the board but we were told that was not possible/conflict of interest/funds not available bla bla bla...while we self funded & organized a few events that were fun & successful-the same folks paid/organized & got burnt out w/o board interest or promotion.

What are the rules around being on the board, volunteering on ARC or other committees, attending meetings? There has been mention of having to be the deeded owner or is that JUST to vote & approve things? Other household members, interested/concerned residents, renters?? PLEASE clarify or does it need a vote?

Guess that's it for now. If you all don't have all the answers just yet-just keep them in mind & Happy Holidays To All : )
We're just getting started

Thank you for taking notice of the newsletter. We will mail newsletters or send via email on a quarterly basis. More frequent ''mini newsletters'' may be posted to the website, keep checking back. If you would prefer to receive the newsletter via email, please let us know and we will no longer send one to you in the mail.

We, as the Board, also believe that good communication is the key to anything. All of our Board Meetings will be open for the community to attend. They will begin at 7 PM on the third Thursday of every month at New Castle Middle School. These will be noted on the Community Calendar. We are also planning to have quarterly or tri-annual Community Meetings where any community member is welcomed to discuss a topic that they wish addressed.

If anyone would like to start an Events Committee, they are welcomed to. A civic association is separate from a Maintenance Corporation. No funds have been set aside this year because there was no mention of interest at the Annual Meeting, and after the first budget was rejected, we needed to create another budget that would pass so that assessment notices could be sent by the County. Any activities would be promoted by the Board, and if interest is still there, we can look to allocate funds next year.

Only deeded owners can vote or sit on the Board. Any other community members (other household members, renters, non deeded residents, etc.) can attend any of the meetings or sit on a committee. They also live here so they should be able to participate in areas that affect their community.

Please contact the Board with questions or interest in becoming involved by email to, phone at 302-689-4506, or check the website at Thank you for your interest.

Brian Wegrzyn
Vice President
Bayview Manor II Maintenance Corp.

By Brian W
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