Kids playing in street! Safe for kids?

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Ever here the line "go play in the streets?" I am sure when said, no one really wanted people or children to,do it. Parents might want to explain to children again that the street is not a playground or baseball diamond or other type of game field. I for one do not want to see a child get hurt. A child can sometimes step out behind a car or in the dark miss being seen. Allowing or even being with children when playing in the street increases the chance of an injury to children. Again, I am sure everyone wants children to be safe. Yet, allowing this sends the wrong message to children. It makes them feel entitled to playing in a place meant for cars. I am not talking about a ball rolling in the street With a driver needing to watch for this. I am talking about parents allowing this and sometimes being a part of the play. I have one suggestion. The church lot behind us would be safer? Then again I have seen all terrain vehicles running on the grass. Might we need to put in a baseball diamond? Does this make it fair liability wise for drivers injuring a child when parents are negligent to some extent? Anyone want to justify playing in the street or this is a good practice? My main thought is keeping the and without injury. Looking for thoughts on this.
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