Traffic Calming in South End??

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Friends of Concord/United South End
January 3, 2003
City Council
Concord Hall
Green Street
Concord, NH 03301

Re: Vote to Temporarily Defer South End Re-Paving Program for 2003 ?– CIP

Dear City Councilors:

We would like to let the City Council know that a number of Concord South End residents have come together to form a neighborhood group called Friends Of Concord/United South End (?“FOCUS?”). The purpose of FOCUS is to work with City officials and representatives, 2020 representatives, business representatives, neighbors, and others to achieve a balance of planned and systematic growth in
Concord?’s South End.

We are writing this letter in an effort to temporarily defer action on plans for re-paving streets in the South End this Summer to allow adequate time for design and implementation of traffic calming measures to be incorporated into the re-paving programs.

Over the last six months, numerous residents of the South End participated in meetings and workshops of the 2020 Initiative and attended the Rumford School neighborhood revitalization sessions hosted by City staff. In addition, FOCUS members attended the City Council workshop held at Rundlett Middle School. In the course of these sessions, various concepts were presented for traffic calming and
pedestrian/bicycle movement. We believe these new and innovative concepts for dealing with varied forms of motor vehicle traffic and pedestrian movement through the South End neighborhood will add significantly to the quality of life for City residents.

When we recently learned that the City?’s South End re-paving program had been scheduled to start in 2003, we became concerned that 2020?’s innovative traffic calming and safety ideas, designs, and improvements on these critical streets will not be implemented before thousands of dollars are spent on the South End paving program. While we support City plans to undertake projects in the South End over the next several years, we wish to be involved in the planning and coordination of paving projects with desirable traffic calming, sidewalk construction, and street tree planting efforts.

Coordination of the paving projects with basic tenets of traffic calming is a key issue.

Accordingly, we respectfully request that the City Council vote to:

Temporarily defer re-paving of all South End streets, including Broadway,
Allison, and other streets, until City staff, 2020 staff, and neighborhood
residents can plan and design specific traffic calming improvements on
Broadway and McKee Square, on Broadway at Rollins Park, and at the
Broadway and Allison Streets intersection, as well as the length of
Allison Street.

Our citizen group, FOCUS, is presently scheduling neighborhood sessions among South End residents, 2020 representatives, and City representatives, for the purpose of coordinating traffic calming measures with the South End re-paving program.

Thank you for your consideration and support in this matter.

Heidi Douglas Charles P. Bauer
23 Broadway 58 Pillsbury Street
(FOCUS rep) (FOCUS rep)

Amy Currie Eric Halter
64 West St. 51 Noyes Street
(FOCUS Member) (FOCUS Member)

Carol Hargrove Chris Kane
32 Conant Drive.6 Donovan St.
(FOCUS Member) (FOCUS Member)

Diane McGonagle Randy Raymond
8 Kimball St. 11 Badger St.
(FOCUS Member) (FOCUS Member)

Bob Shea Michael Tardiff
33 Joffre St. 41 Dunklee St.
(FOCUS Member) (FOCUS Member)

cc: Thomas Aspell
Roger Hawk
Phil Bilodeau
All FOCUS signatories

By FOCUS members
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