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I'm going to repeat myself here, please be understanding:  From Oct 1, 2012:  I love flowers and white fences and solar lighting.  I do get grumpy when I see neighborhood kids hit my solar panels then run laughing.  Or poke a stick through the fence at one of my dogs.  Or stomp my flowers for fun.  Or throw mud on my trash cans.  I don't want a MOMMIE lynch mob to discuss this, I just want the kids to behave and stay in their own yards - don't bug me.  That includes, don't try walking into my home when I've no clue WHO you are!  This happens in this neighborhood now.... the parents of the girl who did poke my dog thru the fence is refusing to take responsibility for her damage.  My dog suffered facial & both eyes being damaged.  To date, I've been out ~$4900 trying to restore her sight and succeeded in one eye.  She is scared of kids now and when she hears them, she refuses to go outside.  Her personality has changed from outgoing happy to withdrawn, and only shows her happy to those she knows well.  We have one more surgery to go to restore the sight in the other eye and estimated cost is $3-5K more.  I've notified the family of this child with a Demand for Payment yet all they've done is wave, smiling at me.  The child still rides her bike in front of my house but watches for her mother to look.  When it happened, the younger brother was the watchout and stood behind her.  I saw her viciously poke my dog's face while she screamed.  I thought my dog was safe in her own yard.... she is only 14lbs.  My dogs don't deserve this type of treatment and have never been cruel to anyone, in fact, just the opposite - overly friendly.  Now, it's not safe to allow them out in my own yard without being with them in case this little girl is out "playing".  I am being forced to bring a lawsuit upon this family because they will not take responsibility for her actions of felony animal abuse.  These people live at 4316 Somerville Ave so beware if you have small animals.

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