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two woman watch a lady fall in the street but do nothing to help her

Posted in: Northridge CA

Nearly every morning Jane takes a brisk 2.5 miles walk which loops through Dearborn Park. During her walk on Monday as Jane is stepping from the curb to cross Amestoy, she loses her footing and falls, hitting her head on the pavement. Injured, stunned, and laying in the street, Jane looks ups and sees two women gawking at her but not one of them so much as asks her if she is okay, let alone help her up or call an ambulance. While Jane is struggling to get up, she sees a school bus coming. She is terrified that the driver may not see her struggling on the ground. The two women do nothing but watch. The bus driver sees Jane, stops, helps Jane out of the street, and makes sure Jane is okay. Thankfully, Jane made it home. She is suffering some pain, but her injuries are not serious.

The two women had children with them. I am not sure which is more disturbing, the behavior of the two women, or the modeling of this behavior for their children to copy. I feel anger towards these women. Jane is my mother. She is compassionate and the coolest person you could know. She is also in her 70s.

Today, I believe that most of us would have helped my mother. Most. Day before yesterday, I believed that all of us would.

Thank you, kind and compassionate bus driver


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