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enforcement of covenants/by-laws

Posted in: N Hampton
Some homes in subdivision continue to disregard the rules and nothing seems to being done to correct this. Houses that are in bad need of painting and owners that continue to park boats, etc. for much longer than is allowed. And some of the yards are really looking shabby. Also, why is it so hard to pick-up papers that are on the driveway for days? It starts to look like no one lives there and the papers eventually end up in the gutter, making the place look vacant. This all impacts the value of each and every home in here.
Neighbors are the Best Enforcers

I agree with your observation of our neighborhood at times. However, saying there is nothing being done about it isn't quite correct. There is a board that deals with individuals that do not conform to the covenants. It would be helpful if individuals such as yourself would volunteer in keeping the rules and regulations in line. There are 130 homes in this developement, one person can not keep up with all matters concerning the rules and regulations. If more people would volunteer in implementing these rules I believe our neighborhood would stay much nicer and pricing of our homes would increase. All it takes is the time you showed in observing these issues and acting on them with a board member. If need be your name would remain anonymous, but the assistance would be appreciated. Please contact a board member and help us in this area. Thank you

Come to the meetings and get involved.
We would love to have you on the architectural committee. Thats how things get done!
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