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I'm looking at buying a home in your neighborhood. I've driven through it and I like what I see. But $145 extra a month to move there is a lot of extra money. Is the HOA still active? What do I get for my $145, or however much it currently is? I've read all the existing posts, but they are old, and there seemed to be a lot of money disputes. Are management and homeowners still in dispute? Is there any talk of changing the HOA dues, for the good or bad?

Hi there- I've just been assigned by the bank a new property in North Creek Village as of today. I will be contacting the HOA for information and to look into the numerous questions you all have regarding the management supposedly provided by Curry Management and Kendra Minton. I will be available with more info once a price is determined for the new property on Atkins. Please don't hesistate to contact me. Thank you Tiffany Saunders

Hi Tiffany,


I am looking at purchasing property in this neighborhood and was wondering if you were able to find anything out about the HOA dues or if things have gotten better or worse?


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Hello.  If you are looking to purchase, you know the monthy dues.  Before you purchase, you may want to be aware of the water bills.  The water and sewer prices are insane!  For a family of 3, expect it to be over $100 a month without watering your lawn.  I have talked with other residents and the HOA management group and this is the norm.  

Is there a website or telephone # I can call to find out how much dues are and whom to pay them to?

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