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SB 100

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Is anyone interested in discussing the pros/cons of SB 100 and how it affects our Association? Do you know?

How about re-energizing our Association? We need people who are willing to SERVE and do the job!
Someone is here!

I did not think anyone ever checked this board anymore now that the immediate threat from the Brisben Co's has passed!

The NE corner of Austin Bluffs/Research will now be upper-end townhomes like on the NW corner, and less density....that is the good news. The bad news is that next to the fire station they want to put in a climate controlled self-storage facility. I'm glad I don't live right next door or across the street as some will, but since the area is mostly rentals I don't think anyone will care.

I am a landlord but also am one that cares, unlike some of the ones in the area. Seems like everyone wants to cash in on the real estate craze but in reality most don't know how much work it is to keep everything in good repair etc... Hopefully the prices of houses in the area will prevent most investors from buying them since it would be hard to have the rent payments be able to cover their mortgages, unless they pay cash of course.

It is hard to watch the stuff that was never permitted in the past be acceptable now, such as boats, trailers, campers, etc... in the front of houses year-round.

By Dan
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