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General Improvement District?

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I heard a news report yesterday (7-25-2000, tv channel 5) that LaPlata LLC is asking for the creation of a Briargate General Improvement District to fund the extension of Powers Blvd from Woodmen north to Briargate Pkwy.

Does anyone know what is a General Improvement District, and how would it affect the property tax of residents within its boundries? Does such an entity have a finite duration (i.e., does it expire after some number of years?)

My property tax statement already contains a line item ''Briargate sp. imp. maint. dist.'' (that is the way it is abbreviated on the tax statement). Does a special improvement district ever expire?
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Improvement Districts


I don't really know the answer to your question, but will research it and get the info back to you and post it on our website so that others may know as well. Thank you for asking. We are all learning.

Why do we need this?

The State owns Powers now so why does Briargate feel a need to gouge us for more taxes to extend the road? The State is already working on the extension of Powers up to Research Pkwy. at this time so La Plata is asking for way too much, especially considering their attitudes in the past concerning zoning etc... You can bet that the tax will last forever, as will the current Briargate taxes we pay that don't really seem to do much except re-pave a few sreets now and then. Look at the fences and trees in the common areas and tell me we are getting our money's worth! In addition, the Briargate area is going down-hill fast since covenants are not being enforced and people are starting to store boats, trailers, and other neat stuff in the front of houses now. Until these issues are taken care of, I hope La Plata doesn't ask us for a vote on any new taxes because I and many neighbors will shoot it down quicker than stink. Will La Plata asks residents for a vote on this or will they just pass-along another ''small tax'' so that Powers will be completed a month earlier than scheduled? Stay tuned and watch your tax bills (and wallets)for the latest money-grab.
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Response from La Plata

It is apparent, based on your comments that you care about your neighborhood and your community. However, your comments include certain inaccuracies and La Plata welcomes the opportunity to set the record straight.

1) ?“the State owns Powers?”
La Plata deeded property to the State for Powers and will eventually deed all the property required for Powers.

2) ?“why does Briargate feel a need to gouge us for more taxes to extend the road?”
La Plata is in the process of working with the City to create a General Improvement District to finance infrastructure construction. No residential property will be in the district. Therefore no residents will pay any taxes. This proposed district will issue bonds that will be repaid out of future land sales and future limited taxes on the owners of only the office and commercial properties along Powers.

3) ?“the State is already working on the extension of Powers up to Research Pkwy?”
La Plata is building, at our expense, the extension of Powers from Woodmen to Research. We will also finance and construct the extension of Powers from Research to Briargate Parkway. The State is building the bridge over Cottonwood Creek at the cost of both La Plata and the State.

4) ?“their attitudes in the past concerning zoning, etc.?”
I am not sure exactly what you mean by this comment, however I can assure you that the La Plata philosophy is to develop the land in accordance with the direction of the Briargate Master Plan. In certain circumstances we will seek to amend the plan if the proposed use fits in the overall community development concepts, and/or it accommodates uses such as schools, parks or other public facilities. All such changes require public meetings.

5) ?“Briargate taxes that don?’t really seem to do much except re-pave a few streets now and then?”
If you are referring to the Briargate Special Improvement Maintenance District (S.I.M.D.), no part of the Briargate SIMD is used for street maintenance. The streets are maintained by the City out of the General Fund.

6) ?“Look at the fences and trees in the common areas and tell me we are getting our money?’s worth!?”
The 4.7 mills that Briargate residents now pay toward the landscape maintenance is managed and maintained by the City Park and Recreation Department. Unfortunately, since the district was formed, two restrictive tax measures were passed. The ?“Gallagher Amendment?” (shrinking the residential tax base) combined with TABOR (restricting the ability to increase taxes), which has essentially cut the original estimated tax proceeds in half, severely limiting the district?’s ability to care for the district assets in the manner originally contemplated. Unfortunately, the landscape has suffered given the revenue limitations.

7) ?“Covenants are not being enforced?”
Your observation is accurate in a large percentage of the Briargate community as the Approving Authority only enforces in neighborhoods that are under the Declarant control. Numerous neighborhoods have reverted to homeowner control. Residents have the ability to enforce their own covenants and have chosen not to. Evidence of La Plata?’s covenant management is clearly visible in those neighborhoods where there is active enforcement.

Motivated residents wanting to get involved in the continued covenant enforcement programs that La Plata set up or perhaps, spearheading an effort to raise the tax revenues for the Briargate SIMD should contact us. The developer will not be here forever, and it?’s people such as you who get involved that make a tremendous difference to the long-term value of Briargate.
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