Hillman Way RUINED!

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Who decides if a street is painted/lined? By law are lines painted depending on traffic flow? Hillman Way in Davies Plantation, as seen through my eyes, was a beautiful street. A street that brought comments like scenic or park like but now is ruined by horrific yellow and white paint that reminds me a hwy or blvd. I am heartbroken and embarassed for my beautiful street. I know Hillman Way is a detour for some and a raceway for others but it is the street I live on.    

Ruined and home values decreased!  


No longer the attractive entry point.  The dear Homeowner's Association and one or two complaining "neighbors" on Hillman are responsible for the city making the awful change to our neighborhood.


I suggest you not rejoin the Association if you are a member, as I am going to do, and vote against the Mayor on his re-election bid.  That is about the only way we can protest.


Since when does this association have the majority of homeowners as members?  I guess the squeeky wheel got the best or the rest of us.  No way will this slow the speeders.



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