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What are your thoughts?

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The Board would like to hear from you on what your thoughts are for future improvements/projects to Westcliffe.

In 2007 we were able to install electricity and lighting to the Westcliffe sign.
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I would suggest putting lights in the pool parking lot.  The number of cars parking there at night is more of a concern than the number of cars using it as a street.

 We have to remember that this is a neighborhood, not an extension of the city government.  We need to let the city police the city and neighbors be neighbors.

 The best thing the HOA has done are the lights on the sign.  That is a positive improvement for the entire neighborhood.  Why are we going to spend the association fees on speed bumbs, shouldn't we be spending this on the front of the neighborhood.  The majority of the people who live in the neighborhood, don't use this as a street.  It only affects a small percentage of the HOA members.

Neighbors have the common courtesy to avoid the parking lot when the pool is in use for approximately 3 months.  Lets spend the money else where.


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      I would like to see two more meetings added, one in the fall, another in the winter, and one in the spring. We would have more knowledge about what's going on in the neighborhood  We could have a guest speaker sometimes,  police department.  lawn service,  contractors,  maybe the builders that built  Westcliffe and more. 


We'd love to see pool rules posted here for reference.  They were on the back of the page we had to sign and turn in and we failed to make a copy first.  I thought I might find them as a document here, but I didn't see them.

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