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Newsletter Delivery

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The Association's main form of communication with the neighborhood residents is through our 6 times per year newsletter. Without this form of communication, we can't let everyone know about all of the time sensitive events we hold. The newsletter deliverers typically deliver those 6 times per year. Our 1265 residences are split-up into 4 quadrants for easier management. A Quadrant Captain delivers your route assignment (which stays the same as long as you want it) with the number of newsletters needed. You simply walk the route and put the newsletters in the door frame or rolled up in the handle of the door. We never ever put them in mail slots as this is a U.S. Postal Service federal crime.

We currently have 5 openings for newsletter delivery routes:

1. Both sides of 22nd, Utah to Warren - 37 newsletters

2. North side of 18th, Tulsa through 4215 NW 18th - 25 newsletters

3. West side of Utah, 16th to 18th and North side of 18th, Tulsa to Roff - 25 newsletters

4. South side of 18th, Utah to Warren and North side of 18th, 4217 NW 18th to Warren - 50 newsletters

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these, please e-mail me and I will get you in contact with the person you need to speak with. Your Quadrant Captain would love to have your help!


Oops. I meant 4 openings, not 5.
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