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  WOW-  I just jumped on this site before going to bed to see what was up.  Maybe I didn't do it right- (it's very, very possible)... but it looks like NOONE has posted since the end of January.  Hmmm... if that's the case- it is what it is.  This board was called "Muscatine Discussions" not National crap.  I for one got tired of hearing "how smart you were and how YOU would fix the US".  Sorry, guys- can't fix things nationally if you don't address your own local issues occuring in your own back yard. 

  How many of you Obama Critics, (and I'm not saying I'm a supporter of his), put your money where your mouth is?  Do you volunteer with Big Brother/Big Sister, Special Olympics, Red Cross, Junior Achievement, @ the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army, Hospice, in your own chilren's/grandchildren's schools, etc?   It's one thing to sit at a computer and criticize our "leaders" & tell them what to do... it's another to look locally and wonder "how you could I make a difference in your own town, and act on it". 

  I do the best I can... I'm not perfect by any means.  You can email your representives and the president and anyone else you choose... they might read it.  They might not.  Venting your anger & frustrations here means nothing...except make you feel better?

  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE locally!  You can make our town safer by fighting the gangs & graffiti, you can deliver meals on wheels to people that want & need what they offer.  You can be a hero to a challenged person with Special Olympics.  You can work with Junior Achievement & try to keep kids in school.  If you can't do any of that, you can be a "room mother/father", go on field trips and show your kids how important school is, and how important they are to you.  The children's lives that you touch may very well be the next president or congressman that makes a difference.  Doesn't that make sense?    It's a no-brainer for me... 

  Muscatine Discussions- HELLO!- MUSCATINE DISCUSSIONS!  


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