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Section 42 Apartment Housing

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We just found out that the Apartment complex being built behind Rooses Way (off Southposrt Rd) will be Section 42 LOW-INCOME housing. The Yeager's told us that the Apartment's would be upscaled living apartment's. The Sec. 42 will bring in over 1300 new people into the apartments and over half will be kid's. They will roam our neighborhood looking for fun. The Board Members need to address this issue soon and look into having a 12 foot privacy fence put between MLHO's and the apartment's or we are just asking for trouble. What a tragedy to find out after the fact. The Yeager's really pulled one over on us again. I guess what goes around comes around.
Apartment Complex

If this original apartment complex was not in the original plans for this Development area, we as homeowners should have been notified by the Developer and a petition should have been filed asking for approval to construct the apartment complex. This area is all zoned D-P, which means it is a Planned Unit Development and all site-plans must be approved by the Division of Current Planning and the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals prior to any construction. If the construction was approved properly, a privacy fence will be required for screening from the multi-family dwellings. Additionally, the Kroger, Murphy's Landings Apartments and the integrated center requires approval prior to any new construction. All of this area is zoned D-P (allows combination of commercial and residential uses as per approved plans by the MBZA) and commitments need to be strictly followed. If not, we as an association can remonstrate against any new development that is proposed that varies or is in violation of the commitments from the Development Statement in the original zoning case for this area. I would suggest anyone who is interested in obtaining more information, contact the MLHA board in writing and also call 327-5155 and ask to speak to a planner on-call in the Division of Current Planning. I can forsee a problem with the traffic and drainage problems this will create. Just a reminder, everyone needs to follow the rules and regulations of this development.
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