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speed bumps

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It does not look like very many people write in via email.

No more speed bumps in Columbine West and as the ones deteriorate that are existing, they are not to be replaced. If you need stop signs, put them up. If a majority of Columbine West residents want speed bumps, why not save money and just dig pot holes to slow people down. They are cheaper and far more effective at wrecking a car than speed bumps are.
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Thanks for your interest

CWCA is taking a active role in the fight against speed bumps. We have been in touch with the department in Jefferson County that has been putting them in and have let them know how our residents feel.
Speed Bumps

Thanks for this reply, even though I had not gotten back to it. The speed flasher down on Ontario has concerned me that we are being targeted for more speed bumps.

The flasher is kind of humorous in that I think people go 30 miles an hour just to watch the lights flash.
Speed Flasher

Dear Mr. Cornett,

My husband and I were just discussing why the speed flasher on Ontario wasn't working. After he informed me that it doesn't come on unless your going 25 or over I started speeding up to see my speed register. SILLY, I know but it's human nature I'm sure.

I also hope this doesn't spell signs of installation of another speed bump. Our neighborhood is already overburdened with them!

T Wright
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