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What Are We doing Wrong?

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I decided to write because although you shared that someone new is getting the newsletters out and for the most part on time, my neighbors and myself have not received a newsletter for over 9 months. I will be sending in my membership since there is a coupon on back of the one I just received as of today (8/22/07)
People are letting there homes go by not watering (not a savings since the grass dies)that you can't fix unless we are able to truly enforce the rules. Are we not able to truly enforce the rule of toys and extras like trash cans behind fences?
I want to say thank you to the Garden Club who made the entrances look so good. If I can help in the future please give me a call, 303-948-0463. With regard to the pool; can we as a community put in the money to keep it open? Maybe if we were doing it we would also keep it cleaner and open longer. Thanks Cherie Valdovino

What are we doing wrong?

During Civic Association meetings the Board is continuing to ask people to step up and help. With only a few heads to do many tasks, the turn over rate and burn out rate is high. We did have a turn over with our wonderful Editor, Norm Fox. He moved from the developement but continued to edit. We now have a temporary editor, the CWCA's Pres. wife.

The covenants are being ignored by many, which makes the task of tracking harder. Combine that with rental properties that don't think they are covenant included. Wrong. With 1,555 homes, the policing of the neighborhood is time consuming, but being done by wonderful volunteers who hold full-time jobs.

The pool is not controlled by the CWCA. Foothills has a Mill levy vote this May 2008, that will help to keep our Columbine West pool open. The pool is aging, the bath houses are aging, but we have new pavillions inside and outside the pool area and a great amount of parking. Something the swim clubs appreciate when having meets. We cannot give money to Foothills for OUR pool, all donated funds go directly to The Foothills Foundation.

Help the neighborhood by volunteering, in any capacity. Continue to read the newsletter for more information.



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I wrote a response and I think it's in cyberspace somewhere.  In any case, please call me @ 303-525-6322 if you are not getting your newsletter.  I will check into the matter.  Also, things are getting better.  We have a lot more people on board and covenants will be more strictly enforced.  You will notice that along with the May newsletter, you will receive a door hanger that addresses the trash issue.  It's a friendly reminder for the whole neighborhood.  Starting June 1st, covenants will be strictly enforced and we now have more people on the committee to help. We also have a new computer program to keep better track of things.  Keep in touch. Thanks for your posting.  Remember to call if you're not getting your newsletters.  Thanks!  *Deb Tucker

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Hi Cherie,

I would like to know who to send the voting rights to other than the Col. III Association. Sometimes I don't think that they have the best interests of the people who live there. I want to be able to send a signed partition to someone who will vote for our rights, not just the Board's.


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