Tea Party plots anti-federal militia

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Now watch this... Big Brother will pipe in with something stupid because he is a born heckler, I got these guys figured out.

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In addition, You didn't catch me in a lie, I already responded to that:


"I don't think Zdork is going to be willing to open his mind and view youtube videos other than the ones that he has picked out himself.  Oh, so close-minded and a refusal to look at facts."


By "other than" represents other's, representing anybody, therefore representing you. You just endlessly behave like a child, do you not have a mature bone in your body?

I will watch videos by others which includes videos from you so if you can behave older than 10 yrs old then find something other than your mentality such as teletubies, instead gather something together that is something in the 20+ category then present it. Did I tap into a town of pre-schooler's because damn, you guys are really dumb.

You still think I lied to you in relation to this? Wow, I guess all I can repeat is just how ridiculously stupid you are. Which side do you get that from, your mother, your father or is it just the inbreeding because, Damn!

Nobody on your side of the gang has presented a single video for me to watch so playing by your rules here, You Are The Liar. Take that and chew on it for awhile. You have lied twice so far, man you are so discredited it's just not even funny... LOL, actually it is.

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Heck, if Texas can trace pig blood in the river, Iowa sure ought to be able to do it too!


This is really sickening, though.  Mohammed actually swims in that river, for gosh sake.



Dallas Plant Investigated For Dumping Pig Blood Into Trinity River

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Federal, state, and local authorities say a Dallas meat-packing company is under criminal investigation for possibly illegally dumping pig blood into a creek that leads to the Trinity River.

Investigators executed search warrants Thursday at the Columbia Packing Company on East 11th Street in Oak Cliff.

The Texas Environmental Crimes Task Force has been looking into the plant for two months now.  Dallas County has been working with federal and state investigators ever since the tip came in.

The task force is now  investigating whether the pig blood came from a secondary pipe not connected with the waste water system.

Dallas County health officials say photos investigators took show blood appearing to flow from the Columbia Packing Company into Cedar Creek and then into the Trinity River.


Health and Human Services chief Zach Thompson says that’s what has county, federal, and state investigators so concerned.  “Any time there is some type of discharge into the Trinity River… especially from an environmental standpoint, this is a real concern.”

Thompson says the EPA, TCEQ, and Texas Parks and Wildlife executed a search warrant on the plant Thursday, and found a pipe not connected to a waste water system.  “I think they discovered a secondary pipe again is my understanding, so the question is who installed the pipe and why was it there.”

At the plant this afternoon, a guard wouldn’t allow reporters inside and said there was no comment.

The health department says the investigation began in late November when a man taking scenic photos of the Trinity saw what appeared to blood, and called authorities.

According to a letter by the Animal Welfare Institute posted on the USDA’s website, the plant was cited in 2008 and 2009 for inhumane treatment or slaughter of animals.  The letter also says the company received a one day suspension each time.


Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), is the landmark United States Supreme Court decision that effectively resolved the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush. Only eight days earlier, the United States Supreme Court had unanimously decided the closely related case of Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, 531 U.S. 70 (2000), and only three days earlier, had preliminarily halted the recount that was occurring in Florida.

I have read the above post several times and I fail to see where you cite that there was a case in the Supreme Court of Gore v Bush as you claim in a later post. I am reading this post that came from you zman. Is the case that you claim exists written in invisible ink or code? I see Bush v Gore and Bush v PBC Can vassing Board but no, I mean none, that say Gore took Bush to the Supreme court.

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