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Since at least the January, 1983 Board Meeting, and maybe before, our members have been asking for restrictions on Rental Units in our community but so far nothing has happened regarding the request.  It is suggested that we do need to deal with this matter now to protect our community and property values.  If enough of our residents will ask the Board to deal with this matter perhaps they will do something.  You may do this by email, letter, in person at the meetings or by phone to the Board members.  You are urged to do so.


If you are reading this please do contact the Board and request that action be taken to restrict Rental Units.  Please also talk with your neighbors and request that they also contact the Board on this subject.


It is suggested that a qualified Real Estate attorney can guide us in how to do this.  There are Associations which have successfully done so.  Some sort of provisions will have to be made for existing Rental Units for some period of time.  Amendments to our By-Laws/Covenants will be required.  We need to get started. 


Ed Harris, 373-8515

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