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Dear Neighbors,

This has been bothering me for years! If there is ever an emergency and the residents of Monticello Sub-Division have to evacuate at the same time, it's gonna be a mess. Every time I look at the sub-division on Mapquest, it clearlt shows there are only 3 through streets out of the area. Monticello Blvd.; Catalina Ave.; and Sarasota Dr.! On the other hand The Park Forest Sub-Division has at least 8 through streets that lead out to Greenwell Springs! What complicates the situation even further is the construction of so many new apartments and condos around us on Sherwood Forst Blvd. and Greenwell Springs Blvd.. And don't forget, Shorewood Forest Blvd. between Greenwell Springs Blvd. and Choctaw is only one lane in each direction! God help us if we have to make a mad dash out of here at the same time! We need at least 2 or 3 more through streets leading out to Greenwell Springs Blvd.; and at least 3 through streets leading out to N. Flannery Road!

Please plan to attend our General Meeting held at the Greenwell Springs Library on May 13, 2014 at 7:00. You can freely voice your opinions, concerns and get some answers to your questions.


Please join and invite your neighbors to join Next Door Monticello. It's a forum where you and your neighbor can report and obtain up to date news of what's happening in the neighborhood. We can also share our solutions to any problem that may arise.


Remember its very important to get involved and stay abreast of what's happening in your neighborhood you have several vested interests (Your family, your home and your community).



Wanda Cage

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