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Should we be annexed or not?

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We live in a large area with only a volunteer fire department, higher homeowner insurance, where we pay for trash pick up (and many don't). We depend on the sheriff's department for emergencies. Sometimes a deputy could be many miles away. We have no city councilman to go to only a County Commissioner who must oversee 1/4th of the county. We have no ordinances that keep out mobile homes like the disgusting abandoned, rat infested vermin which is at Walzem and New World. Don't get me wrong, not all mobile home parks are bad. This one is unfit for habitation and is an eyesore to our neighborhood. The city would never have approved this mess.
With annexation, we would have city police protection, a full time fire department, trash pickup, possiblity of street lights, lower homeowner's insurance.
Sure, we would pay city taxes, but the trade off is worth it.
Are you aware a government grant was obtained to repair alleyways and the drainage behind the fire station and in the townhouse are which should have been paid for by the county. We are actually taxed twice when this happens. Grant money is NOT free money, but federal tax dollars. I for one resent being ''double-dipped''.
In 2003, we can petition to be annexed into the city. We need to put together a plan NOW.
Some people will tell you it's a bad idea because of higher taxes but can give no other reason not to be annexed. They haven't done their homework.
How do you feel?
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