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All the burners are on.

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Well it seems the new web site for neighborhood is not as neutral as (they) the HOA board, well the president, want you to think. Up and running for just under 4 months and the Forum section has been closed down and removed?
Can't understand why?
This site, has been doing just fine. We chat back and forth all the time. The other site has a president that feels he is in control of the site and all the content that goes on it. This is what your moderator is for. Unless your HOA president feels he's running the whole show?
They say, If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
So lets turn off the gas. Well that's what our new HOA president did last night.
Our new HOA president only wants warm fuzzys on HIS site. Nothing cold. No negative comments. Just good things to speak about??? HELLO! WAKE UP!!!
What's the point of having a chat area or forum section if ya can't say what ya feel???? Ya keep it clean and no slander with your neighbors name and address... I just don't get it...
Maybe the New HOA president needs to step up to the plate or away from it? Do something... Maybe he needs to step out of the kitchen? Ya think...
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Same 2

Always the same 2 people. Gary and myself.

Where is the rest of this neighborhood? How about someone else speaking up about something - about ANYTHING!!!

The other website has (had) a forum area that has been deleted because of some comments made by myself, Gary, and someone using the screen name of ''vandyson''.

A heated discussion. Some lies. Some truths. Some name calling. Tempers flair. Feelings get hurt. Faces turn red. Damn, sounds just like the last presidential race doesn't it. And thats my whole point. It's just the way things are done.

If you're going to get anything done in this community, you have got to step on some toes and make some people mad. Otherwise, nothing gets done.

Say whatever you want about Gary and I (We've heard it all anyway), but at least we got things done.

Now how about somebody else besides the ''same 2'' people speaking up and trying to give this community some direction.

define insane.....

''repeating the same actions, over and over again, expecting a different outcome'' as quoted from a modern movie, not from Webster's.

However, you might want to consult a dictionary, a thesaurus, anything to clean up your grammar and spelling, for the love of all that is intelligible. You are a grown man, act and write like one. I would think that your removal from the ''kitchen'' would have been a wake up call to you and the previous board that the majority of the homeowners were unhappy with your performance, or lack thereof to be precise. I can only guess about the reasons, and this is only a hypothesis, because I haven't asked the new board why the site's forum was removed and the site eventually shutdown, but I would suspect that the negativity was coming from a few bitter individuals who needed a forum to display their ineptitude once again for handling things like an adult. The new Board had only been in office for a short period of time, what would you expect to be accomplished in this amount of time. They need time just like any governing body to accomplish tasks. Why, the board you were a part of board had a couple years and what was accomplished? Actually, during your board, things declined, did you ever wonder why volunteers were in short supply. You talk about not being able to take the heat, the board you sat on was the one who didn't disclose meeting times, so homeowners could attend, because you were told what a lousy job you were doing. Since you are a quote man, maybe this will sound familiar, ''People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.'' Why do you think there were so many people who attended the meeting to elect new members of the board, it wasn't because your board did such a bang-up job, I can assure you of that, I was personally involved with asking homeowners to attend so they could voice their opinions, whatever they may be. The majority stated they wanted accountability and action taken, both of which weren't present on the former board, as well as communication. Remeber, the HOA and community isn't your little kingdom, to do with as you see fit. You answer to the community, something that you apparently couldn't do, or wouldn't do.

Get over it, get over yourself, and move on, your time on the board is over. Just like anyone else who pays their dues, you have a right to voice your opinion, but maybe it should be constructive, instead of destructive, lobbing insults like hand grenades only adds to the animosity that you brought upon yourself. Please, read and re-read if you have to, maybe some of this will sink in. Thanks.

-G. Anderson
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