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empty homes --- realtors, swales full of bulk debri --code enforcers ?

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empty homes --- need night security light to detract crime  

                      --- swales need to be clear of debri   

                      --- lawns including swale should be mowed... 

                      --- clear line of sight should be able to see the front of house

                      --- not be blocked by overgrown trees, shrubs and grass 



swales are being filled up with debri for bulk pick up ?  I think the fact that debri is in the swale, not put in garbage cans for the waste mgt crew to pick up bi-weekly and just sits there rotting the swale... is a sign of neglect. other materials like

cinder blocks, wood paneling, etc... just sits there.

maybe the realtors dont realize this, but the waste mgmt that come around bi weekly to take trash also picks up bulk trash 1 time a month.  if you miss this day you can be fined for every day you leave this bulk trah in the swale there after. 

Owners of homes must take care of their swales, so that means the smiling faces on those for sales signs are responsible for making sure the swale and upkeep of the homes they represent are not attracting crime by looking bad and not being used as their personal dumping yards while they turn a buck $$$, not all realtors do this .. but look at these homes for yourself and form your own opinions... human beings only care about a few things...

If a relator wants to make a good impression. beautify our neighborhood, dont dump on it. Make the homes look inviting to home buyers,  not thugs. Get to know your neighbors, make friends.   good news travels faster...    

where are the code enforcers ?



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